Harlesden Tech City of the West

London aims for tech-equilibrium by having a sister to east London’s Tech City but in the west.

Harlesden could see hundreds of tech companies move into the area after the development of Crossrail and HS2 have been delivered.

The Mayor of London has backed plans to make Old Oak Common in London the green-tech capital for Europe, The Evening Standard has confirmed.

The problems green-tech startups would try to solve include “technology to tackle air pollution in London”.

Car Giant who have a huge stake in the Old Oak Common development could complement this new hub, with a focus on clean-tech vehicles.

With Boris backing the green-tech hub in west London it’s a shame he didn’t back Formula-e coming here. A green energy racing championship would have complimented the Mayor’s plans for the area.

The Mayoral Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation have unfortunately labeled the masterplan as ‘Canary Wharf of west London’. The latter comparison isn’t as appealing as a green-tech hub but at least the direction is somewhat plausible.

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