Harlesden KFC runs out of cluck

KFC has been hit by chicken shortages across the UK, with up to two-thirds of branches being affected, including the popular Harlesden KFC.

The fast food restaurant has blamed the chicken shortage on operational issues to do with their new prime poultry delivery partner, DHL.

Known for being one of the few KFC restaurants where customers are served from behind a thick glass screen; in a statement, the company said,

‘they’ve had a couple of teething problems’

and that

‘getting fresh chicken out to 900 restaurants across the country is pretty complex!’

Here’s how local people and businesses reacted:

Dinner plans ruined

Sam’s, Chicken Cottage and all the other KFC clones should take note

Actually, any business in Harlesden selling anything remotely edible should get in on the action

The colonel has spoken

Since Monday evening, over 560 KFCs have been closed and customers across the country have been on edge, without their fried chicken fix. Fans of the fast food chain have been left none the wiser on when their local chicken shops will be stocked up again.