The public says Windrush are British – petition reaches 100,000 signatures

Earlier this week, I asked for north-west London’s help to get signatures for a petition asking the government to acknowledge that the elderly Windrush community are British (yes, unfortunately there needs to be a petition for this, how ridiculous is that?)

The petition’s goal was to reach 100,000 signatures by October but this goal was achieved in just 6 days!

Initially, there was a low representation from Brent in terms of signatures compared to other parts of London, this has since been completely turned around, helping the petition to reach its goal.

Brent Central

  • Before – 37 signatures
  • After – 603 signatures

Hampstead and Kilburn

  • Before – 25 signatures
  • After – 574 signatures

Brent North

  • Before – 29 signatures
  • After – 313 signatures

What’s being said on social media
I think the general theme here is that the Home Office clearly needs a basic history lesson, if they really think the Windrush community are not British (I can’t believe I’m having to write this, what an insult).

Some of the media, have done a good job in covering this

This government has Betrayed its Windrush people

Terrorist are treated better than the Windrush community

Dishonest Home Office

The people have spoken, now its the governments turn

Now that the goal of the petition has been met, there’s still a long way to go as this will only be discussed in parliament on a small-scale; in order for there to be a full parliament debate, the petition needs 500,000 signatures.

Keep the signatures coming

What’s being said in the media (assorted links)

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