Watch out for scheming politicians

The local elections are looming with each political party pounding the pavements to campaign for our votes.

Brent is stubbornly known as a Labour constituency but could there be a Liberal Democrats revival or could the Green Party convince voters they are a deservedly viable alternative.

One party desperate to save itself from ruin is the Conservative party who are predicted to suffer in the local elections. There is speculation that some Conservative candidates have been discussing ‘how best to spin Grenfell on the doorstep’ to somehow appeal to north-west London voters.

A Labour candidate Tweeted earlier today that:

Hearing from a number of sources that Conservative candidates in K&C were asked to leave a local pub for discussing ‘how best to spin Grenfell on the doorstep’.

I sincerely hope this isn’t true, but if it is, those involved have no right to represent our community.

If conservative candidates are steeping to such dastardly measures for votes then there’s no wonder the press are asking if in the London local elections: Will the Conservatives suffer?

The deadline to register to vote is the 17th of April, which is just around the corner, so if you haven’t registered to vote ensure that you do.

Also, like most people in Brent, who you’re actually voting for has most likely gone under the radar, enlighten yourself.

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