The ghost train station of Harlesden

The station operated for just over 25 years from 1875 to 1902 and within that time was renamed a whopping six times.

The full list would bore even the most ardent rail enthusiast, but it was a mixture of surrounding place names.

For example, it opened under the name ‘Harrow Road for Stonebridge Park and West Willesden’, by 1879 it was ‘Harrow Road for Stonebridge and Harlesden’ and when it closed it was called ‘Harlesden for West Willesden and Stonebridge Park’.

The abandoned Super Outer Circle line route which included Harlesden as a station could be making a comeback.

The Campaign for Better Transport have proposed that the ancient Super Outer Circle line should be revamped and brought back as the North and West London Light Railway. This proposal has been described as being the north-west London DLR.

Will funding be found for The lost Harlesden station that couldn’t compete with the London Underground